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Article: Persian Myth and Symbols in Jewelry

Persian Myth and Symbols in Jewelry

Persian Myth and Symbols in Jewelry

Persian Myth and Symbols in Jewelry

Persian Painting of fairy

Abchehregan is borrowed from fairies (Paris) found in enchanting Persian legends: those nymph-like creatures who enter the myths with a jug in their hands, gazing at their own reflections while sitting by the springs or deep inside water wells. Abchehregan is no different from Vedic Apsaras in ancient Indian literature. Female creatures made of water and wandering in rivers and lakes.


Mythological Connections

Both Abchehregan and Apsaras have the same function and role and come from a rare, essential, and complete unity with water. Persian Peri (fairy) and Indian Apsara come from among those fertility goddesses who ascend from the very ancient mother goddess herself. Their graciousness, nobility, and aquatic form emerge from a pre-Zoroastrian era when these sibling nations (Persia and India) shared a landmass and a common clime.

In the long run, Peris and Apsaras fade away and vanish altogether. Peri ascends to paradise and Apsara returns to heavens. The reason for this leave-taking is that a secret, arising from their extraterrestrial wisdom, is unlocked and revealed. Such revelation exposes their godlike and divine mystery and sanctum to the eyes of mortal humans. However, the mortals cannot take on or bear the prudence and patience of that secret.


 A 12th-century sandstone statue of an Apsara from India. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Abchehregan and Anahita

Vedic Apsaras and Peris who are their successors are maids related to the Persian Ardevi Sura Anahita (Bagh Banou or Bidokht: daughter of God), who is the goddess of waters in the lands of Persia. Tracing the etymological roots of words such as Peri and Apsara sets up an encrypted labyrinth of allusions and enigmas that calls for symbolic and allegorical concepts on the subject of worshipping Anahita and the purity and spirituality of water.

Abchehregan in this Jewelry Collection

The bond between Anahita and Apsara brings forth fertility, greenness, productiveness, and abundance. All these qualities have come together in the present collection of silver jewelry inspired by mythological figures and a combination of images and symbols of Peris and Apsaras. These include Pomegranate and its branch (Barsam) that symbolizes fruitfulness, lushness and wealth, as well as fish who swim


Necklace from Abchehregah Collection.AFRA ART GALLERY

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