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Article: Persian Jewelry Sizing: Iran, North America, Europe

Persian Jewelry Sizing

Persian Jewelry Sizing: Iran, North America, Europe


Persian Jewelry Sizing

Have you ever wanted to buy jewelry such as a ring or necklace for yourself or your girlfriend, but you did not know the exact Jewelry Sizing of your desired size?

Well, before you buy Jewelry like a ring, you have to observance certain conditions. Then after you have done the requirements, you can safely go to the market and buy it. Here, we will explain these conditions to you.

We also explain the difference between Jewelry Sizing in Iran and the Americas and Europe. 

How is ring size measured in home?

The first method by which the inner circumference of the ring can be found and is widely used in Iran is to determine the size of the ring using paper tape or thread and a ruler:

To do this, wrap the paper tape or thread around the finger you want to measure its size, as shown below so that it is not too tight or loose around the finger. Do not forget that the tape or thread should be placed under the knuckle.

 Mark the junction of the two ends of the tape with the Marker. Then, open the tape or thread and measure the length of the marked part in millimeters with a ruler. This is a home method for Jewelry Sizing.

Persian jewelry sizing

Using the obtained length and referring to the table below, you can get your finger size. For example, if the circumference of your finger was 54 mm, the corresponding number is 7 in North America measurement.


Ring size in North America and Europe and their differences with Iran

In Iran, Jewelry Sizing is used according to the standards of Europe, specially France.

so based on below table, if you have already your sizing based on your previous jewelry ordering in Iran ,you can find your size in North America standard very easily.

Ring Size Convertor Table

For example if your ring size is 54 based on Iran( France) standard so your ring size should be 6.5 based on North America Standard.

By using above convertor you can find your ring size in other different countries'  standard as well.


Necklace sizing in Iran and North America, and Europe

Sizing of the neck is easy, and you only need one plastic meter (sewing meter) to do it. To do this, you must wrap the meter around your neck.

The meter must be parallel to the ground to get the size accurately. Then, whatever size it is, match it with the standard number shown below and buy the necklace you want.

Fortunately , necklace sizes are similar all around the world and it is categorize in 10 size. As you can see in the picture, the smallest size starts at 14 inches, which is equivalent to 36 centimeters, and the largest is 39 inches, which is equal to 100 centimeters.

Persian Necklace Sizing

Conditions you must make observance of before Jewelry Sizing

If you want to buy jewelry like a ring, Measure your fingers in the afternoon. Finger size usually changes with temperature. The fingers expand in the heat and contract in the cold.

 It is better to Jewelry Sizing of your finger in the heat and at the end of the day because the fingers are at their largest size.

Repeat the measurement several times. The ring should be easy to place on the finger and not put any pressure on it. At the same time, the ring should not be too loose to be easily lost.

 To get the most accurate finger size, it is best to repeat the measurement several times. This saves extra time and money on resizing the ring.

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