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Afra Art Gallery,Persian  Fashion Jewelry
My name is Bahareh. Working as an engineer for years, I always thought how much better the world would become if women had a bigger role to play in society. I knew well that this was going to become my sole obsession: to help empower women. Today I feel proud as my wish has finally come true.
In the Persian language, AFRA means Red Maple and it is also a girl's name. It has always been my dream to have a daughter and name her  AFRA. I have chosen this name for our gallery because I feel like a mother who wants to witness the success of her daughter as she grows up and help other girls to thrive. It also interestingly coincides with the fact that Canada, my new home, whose symbol is Maple, seems to call out to me to carry out this project.

I know of numerous artists who are incredibly talented and capable of creating works which would leave almost everyone speechless. It would be quite unfair to deprive the world of seeing and enjoying these artworks. Here at  AFRA ART GALLERY, we present a treasury of handmade items inspired by thousands of years of culture and civilization.

To materialize this dream into reality and in the hope of empowering women. AFRA ART GALLERY takes pride in donating 5% of the total sales to help low-income mothers by creating jobs and by facilitating their access to health and education to better their lives.