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Article: Nowruz Iran Time, Toronto

Nowruz Iran Time, Toronto

Nowruz Iran Time, Toronto

Iran Nowrooz Time

Nowruz or Farvardin and Spring Celebration is the biggest national holiday of Iranians. What makes the Nowruz Iran time more important is its solar calendar, which is exactly at the beginning of the spring year every year, but each year its start time is different from last year.

 In this here, we want to introduce you to the solar calendar, how to calculate the time of year of Iranians and why the start time of the year changes every year. I also tell you the moment of delivery next year in Iran; maybe you want to celebrate that time.

Iranian Solar Calendar

The Iranian calendar is the most accurate calendar in the world. We will explain why it is the most accurate in the following sections. It is Includes 365 or 366 days (leap) in the form of 12 months.

Persian calendar and Nowruz Iran Time is used all over the world by Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks. Its start is from the record that the Prophet of Muslims, Muhammad, migrated from Mecca to Medina. That is, it was the first year.

Each year has 4 seasons called spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season also has 3 months, which, unlike the Gregorian calendar, each season starts precisely from the beginning of the month and not from the middle of the month (for example, Nowruz Iran Time or Farvardin 1 is according to March 23). This is one of the accuracies of the Iranian calendar.

Each month has about 4 weeks and each week 7 days with the letters Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Adineh, holiday). The beginning of each year is Frawardīn Day, 1 of the spring season.

If the Nowruz Iran Time is before noon, it is the day of Nowruz, and if the delivery of the year takes place in the afternoon, the next day is considered Nowruz or a Frawardīn.

The longest day of the year is 1 Tīr and the longest night of the year or Yalda night occurs from the evening of 30 Azar to the sunrise on 1 Dey (December 21). The size of the months of the first half of the year is 31 days and the months of the second half of the year are 30 days.

Method of calculating the start of the Iranian solar new year

Contrary to the Gregorian calendar, the time of delivery of the year in the solar Hijri calendar is not midnight, but it is calculated more accurately, and according to the exact time, a rotation around the sun is calculated.

For this reason, the Nowruz Iran Time occurs at different times of the day, and one day can be both the 30th of Esfand and the 1st of Farvardin.


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because we have considered 24 hours a day, after a few years, some of these days together can become 24 hours and become one day, and they add it to the end of the year and end the year with 366 days.

The leap year usually occurs once every four years. In leap years, March is 30 days, and in other years, March is 29 days. The 1395 and 1399 solar Hijri were leaping years. 1403 and 1408 solar Hijri are also leaping years.

The Jalali calendar is the most accurate in the world, according to researchers and astronomers. Compared to the European calendar, which has one day error every 2,500 years, the Jalali calendar has one second error every 10,000 years.

To further explain why the Iranian calendar or Nowruz Iran Time is the most accurate time and calendar in the world, we can say that in the Iranian or Jalali calendar, spring and summer are 93 days, autumn has 90 days, and winter is 89 days because every first The regular season is precisely equal to the beginning of the actual season.

The year calculated by the glorious calendar, unlike the Gregorian year, which differs from the exact year by nearly three days in every 10,000 years, is always following the natural year and never lags behind it.

Starting time of 1403

Starting time for 1403 occurs at 06 :36 AM on Wendsday Farvardin 1th in Iran, so it will be 11:06 PM on Tuesday March 19 in Toronto.


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